About Us

As we build our library, this site will better reflect our content. Until then, allow us to explain our philosophy.

Georgia Only

The film industry in Georgia is exploding at all levels - especially in the less publicized world of independent film. PeachFlicks brings the best of the independent production team to the same portal as the giants of Netflix and Hulu.


We go beyond features and documentaries and include shorts, webisodes, podcasts, interviews, music videos, concert footage and live events. If it's quality ... and it's independently produced in Georgia, we want it on PeachFlicks.

Non-Exclusively Exclusive

We've got loads of stuff "only seen on PeachFlicks". But a lot of our library CAN be seen elsewhere. Our content creators need to keep options open as they gain in popularity. We smile knowing our subscribers helped make it happen.

Why Roku?

Why Roku?

There are over 38 million subscribers, and thousands of channels on Roku ... and yet the experience "inside" a custom channel is as personal as a being screened at a film festival. Quality Georgia-based content isn't lost like a needle in a haystack - it's front and center!

Who's In Charge?

Our team will be growing as our subscriptions grow ...
Jon Graham
Jon Graham
Founder & CEO

Who's On Board?

Just a sample of what you'll find on PeachFlicks

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