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If you’re a content provider, please read our FAQ first …

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1. How do I get my stuff on PeachFlicks?
A) Let us look at it (youtube link, vimeo). If we think it’ll fit with our content and audience,
B) Sign the license agreement (available here)
C) Upload your content and poster art and answer some questions about descriptions and so forth.
D) Sit back and watch your content on your Roku.

2. Do you accept ANYTHING??
Nope. Production quality must be solid. Content must be meaningful and purposeful. We do not accept anything  pornographic. WE DO ACCEPT: Features, Shorts, Documentaries, Podcasts, Radio Drama, Web-Series, Music Videos (tasteful and well produced) and Music Concerts.  If you have questions about your content, let us look at it and then politely respect our decision.

3. What are the technical requirements?
That’s a little complicated because there are so many questions to answer first. This link will answer those questions.

4. What if I get an exclusive distribution deal? Can I get out of my agreement?
Yep. It’s right on the agreement. Just give us 7 days to get your stuff off the channel and we’ll pat you on the back – proud we had a part of your journey to success.

5. How will folks know PeachFlicks exists? 
The best way is through YOU! Your fans, crowd funders, colleagues, crew, actors all have social networks. TELL THEM TO TELL THEIR FOLKS ABOUT PEACHFLICKS! Tag them on social media and so on. Beyond that, we’ll be promoting the channel through the Roku channel store, other Roku channels, social media, and lots of other ways. We’ll keep you updated as our subscriber count goes up.

6. How will you stay in front of subscribers?
Email and Social media will be our primary way to tell subscribers about new stuff on the channel.

7. How does PeachFlicks make money?
We will be selling ads on the channel that will run before your content runs. After we build a nice following, we’ll offer an opt-out subscriber option.

8. Can I make money from PeachFlicks?
Yes! Join our sales team.  Email us for details.

9. Can I password protect some content and control who sees it?
Sure. Just give us a good reason why. We want folks to have access to everything but sometimes it’s important to put the gate up for some. We’re happy to oblige.

10. What’s a PeachFlicks exclusive and can I be one?
Absolutely. We like to have Non-Exclusive Exclusivity. That means we’re your exclusive outlet … until greener pastures come along. Let us know we can classify your content as such and we’ll go for it.


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